Sunday, November 25, 2018

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Exhibition 'Reading the Cities'


Field of Depth
3 channel video installation, 16 unrolled turf
Installation view on Augustusplatz, Leipzig

Field of Depth unfolds as a research by means of photograph and examines three University Campuses in Houston. It circles around a spectrum of questions about the production of landscapes and what they convey to the visitor. A parallel is made between the optical and physical sense of depth of those landscapes with the figurative idea of deepening student debts. It leads to reflect on the function of these landscapes, where education and resources enter into a complex interrelation.
'Reading the Cities' is a group exhibition that took part of the 25th anniversary of Houston-Leipzig's partnership.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Festival Lindenow

For Lindenow Festival, Leipzig, I chose to make a piece in the public space as part of group exhibition DESTILLAT. The artwork, a photography taken in a wasteland printed on poster paper, mounted on a wooden structure, was addressing the replacements of wastelands and unexploited lands in urban space, for new constructions which will be used for profitable reasons.

During the first night of the festival sometime after 4 am, tags appeared on the piece. "Fuck ELITE 'ART'" in yellow and "art is art" in red. I don't know if the first comment was a general response to contemporary art, or if this was a related to the piece itself.  Lindenow is a festival which opens doors to the whole neighborhood, with no entry cost, and giving chance to artists to exhibit their work without exclusions and strict selections on what should be shown. I have rarely seen a festival as such, which brings diverse communities together in one place, giving free will to artist to address topics of choices.

I felt the need to react. Censoring the tag would have been inappropriate and would have gone against the idea of giving space for people to express their views on contemporary art, which can be hermetic at some level. Dismantling the work or bringing it inside, to hide or to prevent more tags, would also be a form of withdrawal. With curator, Jan Apitz we decided to change the work's context by changing the work's location. We decided to put it directly in front of the door of the main exhibition. To bring the conversation onto the table. Maybe even to provoke more tags.

The work was inspired by wastelands, which are places I like because of the diversity that emerges on those lands (plants, insects, human occupations and activities). Related to this, pointing out elitist criteria does enhance the fact that art is sometimes reserved for privileged people, and not for diverse groups. Therefore, If "elite art" refers to a monopolization of the concept of art by a smaller group of society, then all together it might be highlighting that there is among the discipline of art an ignorance to diversity.

Print on poster, wood

Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer video experiments

With Sofia, Paula Abalos, Adrian Kleinlosen, Wut Chalanant, Toni M., Marlene Moris & Florian Merdes.