Monday, November 11, 2019

Performance in Regis-Breitingen on 12th October

die Nacht durchgemacht?
Site specific lecture performance
20 min.
Marktplatz, Regis-Breitingen
Made in the context of residency Inside Out with Kulturbahnhof

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Just the lights of a youth prison at night...

These lights looks pretty at the first glance.
They are the lights of a youth prison, keeping vigilance in the darkness of the night. The territory at night is constantly lid by hundreds of high voltage lights for an ultra surveillance – a sort of panopticon.
This is a place never sleeps.
It is right next to where I stay in Regis-Breitingen, where I'm doing a residency with other fellow artists.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Video sketches

On the hyper-vigil era, an idea about a world in a continuous insomnia.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Art Performance ZNAMYA for Public POOL #7 at Friche la Belle de Mai


                                                                  Photos by Jean-Christophe Arcos

During Printemps de l'art contemporain in Marseille there is every year an event called Public POOL, an art marathon consisting of conferences, artist talks, performances and videos. This year it celebrated the 100 years of Bauhaus with the title Transformer le bauhaus (transl.: Transforming Bauhaus). For this,  I revisited some ideas of architecture and the body for a work that discusses insomnia as a cultural and mental state. The title ZNAMYA refers to a mirror satellite that was built in the 90s in Russia, with the aim to redirect the sunlight towards the earth during nightly hours.

Here are photo documentations of this art and lecture performance ZNAMYA, 2019.

About Public POOL:

Special thanks to curatorial team and organization:  Lydie Marchi and Constance Juliette Meffre, with JC Arcos, AV Gasc and Judith Lavagna.
Participants: Aymar Batetana Casanova, Arthur Eskenazi, Bérangère Armand, Javiera Tejerina, Sophie Innmann, Anne Bergeaud & Orane Stalpers, Léna Fillet, Ines Koussa Gradenigo, Andrea Günther, Bingjie Luan, Jessica Arseneau, Alexandre Gérard, Marie Lienhard, Wnjn Choi & Julia Martha Müller.
Thanks to: CEA / Association française des commissaires d'exposition & Goethe-Institut, Marseille

                                                                                                                             Photo by Judith Lavagna

Thursday, May 23, 2019

VAR13: Group Exhibition at Westpol Airspace

Photo documentation of video work Fluctuation at the opening on 10th Mai 2019.

, 2019
Digital video. Stereo sound
4:42 min.

Exhibition with Jessica Arseneau, Leila Brinkmann, Marlene Franz, Felix Grabe, Friedrich Jacob Günther, Taemen Jung, Leonard Korbus, Lisa Kottkamp, Anna Raczynska, Snow, Malte Urban, Andrea Garcia Vasquez


<var>: The variable. It can be a value, a set of data, a number, the measurement of changing criteria over a course of time. Objects vary in size, the lights on screens vary in brightness, our mood and the weather may also vary from day to day.

What if, for instance, the variabilities in nature and climate are surpassing their extremities? Or on the contrary, what if there is no longer a predictable spectrum within which the extremities of nature and climate currently exist?

Nature and its order continue to experience the detrimental disruption due to the industrial revolution. Through the exhaustion and depletion of resources, the earth is going through an ecological debt and its ability to be regenerated is dramatically plummeting every year. The apocalypse has been fantasized since centuries through fiction writing, art, and the new testament. However, the more ecologists and environmentalists discover about our planets current state, the clearer it becomes that this prophecy could actually occur. Can we put our faith into bioengineering? Can nature and its variables be reprogrammed? Will this apocalypse be something we may actually witness?

VaR13 is a play on the words “Value at Risk” while utilizing the stigma of the number 13. As the title for the group exhibition from Fachklasse Blank, it establishes discourse around our future at risk. Taking place inside of a church, VAR13 displays works by various artists who are investigating the relationships between nature and art as well as image and productivity. It is a collection of artworks exploring visual fictions, visual prophecies, and visual realities in our current state of variable possibilities.

Sunday, January 13, 2019